Are the Blues going to roll out new jerseys?

A St. Louis Blues uniform change has been rumored for the past several years. The belief has been that with a new owner would come a new uniform, removing the old regime’s stamp on the team. With Tom Stillman firmly cemented as the team’s owner, is a jersey change in store?

Possibly. Here’s what Jeremy Rutherford had to say about the situation after sitting down with Tom Stillman:

Interesting. The team’s alternate has been praised as being one of the greatest in the league, so it’s always been difficult to envision the team abandoning them even though they came from another owner. It may just be a minor switch which involves removing/adding/adjusting stripes similarly to what the San Jose Sharks unveiled during this past season.

A jersey change makes a lot of sense for the Blues for one main reason: Money. A jersey change means a boost in sweater sales. It’s the same reason most major soccer teams change their uniform every year.

We’ll have to wait and see if a change will happen, but odds are good we’ll see some sort of modification in the near future.

David Rogers

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