A couple of updates on Jaden Schwartz

Some Blues fans are a little bit concerned that Jaden Schwartz still doesn’t have a new contract. Rest assured, Blues fans. A couple of reports from Jeremy Rutherford’s chat with fans may put your mind at ease.

When asked for an update on Schwartz, Rutherford responded:

“I have heard nothing new recently. Doug Armstrong is vacationing as we speak. I would think mid-August is a logical timeframe for something to be done.”

When asked if fans should be worried that Schwartz still doesn’t have a deal:

“I wouldn’t be worried. As we’ve heard countless times, the NHL is a league that responds to deadlines and there is no deadline standing in front of the two sides at this moment.”

It sounds like everyone needs to be patient and a deal will eventually be signed. It’s not unreasonable that Blues fans are worried following the disappointing Vladimir Sobotka situation, but it’s safe to say fans will see Schwartz with the club in 2014-15.

David Rogers

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