Will this be Roman Polak’s best offensive season?

Very few hockey players knock on Roman Polak's door. Over the last several years, offense hasn't come knocking either. Between his first season back in 2006-07 and 2012-13, Polak managed just nine goals and 57 assists (66 points) over the course of 352 games. A goal from Polak was a rare event worth celebrating with unbridled enthusiasm. 

Skip to 2013-14 and Polak is a man possessed. Well, that's not entirely true but Polak has found an offensive spark that's pretty impressive by his standards. 

Polak has three goals and two assists through 21 games. While these numbers don't sound very impressive, they're huge totals for Polak. He needs just one more goal to match his career-high total of four. It's still pretty early, but he's also on pace to best his career-high point total (21) as well.

What's behind Polak's offensive surge? One key factor is positioning. Polak is pinching in while the puck is on the opposite side of the ice. The opponent's defense completely overlooks him and Polak punches the puck into the back of the net. Polak's timing has been perfect on these plays and he's being rewarded for his brave and unexpected gamble. 

Another factor is Polak's shooting percentage. This may be linked to his improved positioning, but Polak is scoring on more of his shots. The percentage is actually pretty shocking. Polak's best percentage in a season was 5.6%. It's a whopping 13. 6% in 2013-14. This number will almost definitely drop, but it's a testament to how Polak has been successful in getting his shots on frame. 

This might be a very special year for Polak. He's on pace to top all of his personal bests. Offense is finally knocking on Roman's door.