Wade Redden trade with Boston officially fetches a sixth-round pick

The Wade Redden trade that sent the defenseman to Boston just got a bit sweeter for the St. Louis Blues. How is that possible considering the deal went down back in the beginning of April? Thanks to the Bruins using the former St. Louis defenseman in a playoff game, the conditional pick the Blues received changes from a seventh-round 2014 pick to a sixth-round pick. 

The condition was that Boston had to use Redden in at least one playoff game for the Blues to earn a sixth-round selection instead of a seventh. Redden not only suited up for the Bruins in their playoff opener against Toronto, but he recorded a goal and an assist in the game's first 20 minutes. 

Here's to wishing Redden the best of luck (unless he plays against the Blues) and a big thank you to Boston for using the d-man in a playoff game, improving our 2014 draft.