Vote for Pietrangelo or Perron to be on the cover of NHL 14

It's that time again. EA is allowing fans to choose which hockey player will be on the cover of NHL 14, the latest installment from the beloved virtual hockey franchise. This year the two representatives from the Blues that are eligible to be voted on to the cover are Alex Pietrangelo and David Perron. The two face off head-to-head with the winner moving on and battling the other candidates from around the NHL for the honor of gracing the cover. 

Pietrangelo and Perron's matchup ends on April 28th. Until then, you can vote for either Blues player by going to the voting section on or by voting through Twitter by using either #NHL14Pietrangelo or #NHL14Perron as your hashtag. Votes cast on Twitter count as two votes – a way of rewarding the user for marketing EA's game for them. 

EA and the NHL will announce which player will be on the cover during the Stanley Cup Finals in June. 

Will we see Pietrangelo or Perron on the cover? Realistically, probably not. In fact, the odds are slim to none especially considering that both men have had fairly quiet seasons. Still, it's always fun to try and support your team's favorite players. 

Photo courtesy of the official site of the Blues.