Video: T.J. Oshie’s nifty shootout move against Chicago

T.J. Oshie has shootouts figured out. Entering the game against Chicago with a career success rate of 50% (18-for-36), Oshie made another nifty move which ended up being the game winner. This time he skates in and makes a strong fake to his left before moving right and elevating the puck over a disoriented Corey Crawford.

The video below has the shootout in its entirety because who doesn't want to watch the Blackhawks fail to score three consecutive times? 

David Backes described the move to

I can only do that on PlayStation. Even then I can't do it.

Interestingly enough, Oshie's move against the Blackhawks on Thursday night is awfully similar to the one he deployed in his first ever shootout attempt against (you guessed it) Chicago. You can tell he has polished his deke, but the overall move is roughly identical.