Video: Ryan Reaves’ best fights from 2013

It's time to look back and reflect on the season that was. The 2013 campaign ended rather abruptly for the St. Louis Blues, but there were still plenty of memorable moments which deserve a second glance. Some of the most exciting moments were when a Blues player dropped the mitts and engaged in some fisticuffs with his opponent. 

Ryan Reaves was often at the center of big hits and bigger fights. He didn't drop the gloves too often as the season progressed, but when he did he gave fans plenty to cheer about. Here are Reaves' best fights from 2013. 

7. Reaves vs. Rich Clune (NSH) – January 24

Reaves' worst fight of the year was also his very first fight of the season. This one is included in this list because of some of the big hits Reaves throws before ultimately engaging in a very brief scrap with Clune. 

6. Reaves vs. Tom Sestito (VAN) – March 19

This fight was ultimately a bit of a disappointment. Everyone knew these two were going to battle, but when they eventually did there weren't many punches thrown. It looked like both Reaves and Sestito were trying to land a mammoth blow, but instead they missed on a couple of attempts before rolling around on the ice. 

5. Reaves vs. Dwight King (LA) – March 5

One thing I hate to see in a hockey fight is a player dropping the gloves with his visor on. It gives a distinct advantage and it isn't fair for the opponent. Here, King kept his visor on which places Reaves at a distinct disadvantage. Still, Reaves comes out on top of a pretty slow fight. 

4. Reaves vs. Paul Bissonnette (PHX) – April 18

BizNasty probably wanted to reconsider his decision to pick a fight with Reaves. After tensions built prior to a face off, Reaves and Bissonnette decided to go and Reaves came out the clear victor. Biz might have had a difficult time Tweeting after receiving some huge shots from Reaves. 

3. Reaves vs. Jared Boll (CBJ) – January 31

Now we are getting to the good stuff. This fight was difficult to track at first due to the fact Scott Nichol was involved in a fight of his own at the same time as this one, but it's clear that both Reaves and Boll took and threw some massive punches. 

2. Reaves vs. Tim Jackman (CGY) – April 25

One of Reaves' best fights of the season was also his last fight of the season. As the Blues closed in on the playoffs, he dominated Calgary's Jackman in a pretty lopsided fight. Jackman picked the fight with the wrong Blue and paid the price for his mistake. 

1. Reaves vs. Aaron Volpatti (VAN) – February 17

The moment you've all been waiting for. Reaves' best fight of 2013 came on the road in Vancouver. In a tight 2-2 game, Reaves and Volpatti drop the gloves and engage in one of the most memorable fights the Blues had all season long. Reaves pummels Volpatti in this one, demonstrating why he is one of the most entertaining and most intimidating fighters in the NHL.