Vegas continues to favor the St. Louis Blues

The folks out in Vegas really like the St. Louis Blues. This is a topic I previously discussed in June when it was revealed that the Blues held 12/1 odds to hoist the Cup. At that time only three NHL teams had better odds to lift the league's ultimate prize. 

Since June we've seen the landscape change slightly for the Blues. The most notable change is the fact Alex Pietrangelo has a new contract. They also added new faces in Derek Roy, Maxim Lapierre and Keith Aucoin. How have these changes impacted the team's odds? Positively, according to several NHL sports betting sites. 

The Blues have climbed the ranks and now hold the third best odds (10/1) to win the Cup in 2013-14. 

As I've said in other stories discussing lines and odds, this is all for fun. I'm not a sports bettor nor do I believe you should read too far into lines and odds coming out of Vegas. Still, it's interesting seeing the line shift and watching the Blues become an even larger favorite to win the Cup. Only Pittsburgh (11/2) and Chicago (13/2) have better odds than the Blues and the Boston Bruins have an identical 10/1 line. 

It's safe to assume that the line improved for the Blues mostly because of Pietrangelo's new deal and the addition of Roy. The original line came out back when Pietrangelo's contract status was a mystery and during a time when the center of the ice was the club's biggest weakness. Now the Blues have Pietrangelo under wraps for seven more years and they've added a plethora of centers in an effort to smooth over a previous weak spot. 

Barring a significant injury, the line should hold steady heading into the early days of the new season.