The Blues got a bit lucky against Columbus

The St. Louis Blues won an enormous game against the Columbus Blue Jackets by a score of 3-1. What that score fails to show is just how close this contest was. In fact, when the Blues were leading by a score of 2-1 with roughly 13 minutes left in the third, Columbus appeared to have scored to tie things up.

But wait a second – almost as soon as the puck popped into the net, the officials waved it off. Why? Goaltender interference. Blues fans celebrated while Blue Jackets fans cried foul.

Blues fans love to claim they're on the short end of the officiating stick, but this is one blown call that definitely worked out in the team's favor.

To recap, the goal was called off due to goaltender interference. The officials judged that Matt Calvert (#11) bumped into Jake Allen as he was trying to make the save. The officials made one of those strange "the goal doesn't count, but there's no penalty" decisions that boggles the mind, and moved on with the game. 

Wow. The Blues dodged one here. Calvert makes almost no contact with Allen. The contact he does make is either initiated by Roman Polak nudging him back a bit or by Allen himself, using his glove to try and move Calvert away from the top of the crease. In terms of positioning, Calvert is at the top of the crease, or at worst, a couple inches within the blue paint. 

This was a good goal in every sense of the word. While I'm a Blues fan, I'm also a hockey fan and I hope to see the game played as it should be. It's great to see the Blues win, but it feels a bit empty knowing it may have come because of a horrible decision by the men in black and white.