Tarasenko’s quotes show team-first mentality

Are you a fan of Vladimir Tarasenko? If for some reason the Russian forward isn't one of your favorite players on the roster, his quotes following the team's impressive comeback victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets may sway your opinion. 

Shortly after the Blues completed their 4-3 OT victory, Tarasenko had some pretty telling statements about his and the team's philosophy. Though he contributed two goals for the Blues, he preached a team-first mentality, as seen in a column from Lou Korac.

"Those goals were not the most important goals for me, but for the whole team. I'm so happy for this team that we can come back. … It's an unbelievable feeling.

I think we feel it all the time because we have a great team and great relationship inside. Everybody helps each other and never thinks about losing games after first or second period because we have 20 more minutes. It was a great game."

That's exactly what you want to hear about your team's dressing room. It sounds like each player is on the same page and each is working toward the same goal. 

Tarasenko also commented on the team's captain:

"We just followed our captain. Great goal. We follow him every day, a great captain. It was important goal for him, too."