Rumor: Blues extend offer to Brenden Morrow

The St. Louis roster appeared to be set after Alex Pietrangelo signed a new contract with the Blues. Excluding competitions on the fourth line and for the seventh spot on defense, the rest of the depth chart probably could have been written in ink. The only transactions expected would involve sending players down from the NHL level. 

Maybe the roster isn't set quite yet. A new rumor links the Blues to a surprising name: Brenden Morrow. 

Interesting. Though this story appears to be more rumor than actual story, it certainly got Blues fans buzzing. The Dallas Morning News recently wrote about how Morrow is a man still looking for a team. Would the Blues be a logical fit?

As the roster sits today, the Blues have a little over $1.1 million in cap space. That's not very much to work with. When you consider the Blues already have a plethora of options up front, you really have to question where Morrow would fit in and who would lose a spot in the lineup. 

The 34-year-old Morrow recently completed a six-year contract which paid him $4.1 million a year. It's clear he won't fetch that sort of annual salary again, but it would presumably take more than the $1.1 million the Blues could offer. Under that theory, the Blues would have to clear up some salary before they could bring Morrow in. 

However, the rumor suggests the Blues have already extended an offer Morrow's way. It's difficult to predict how the Blues could squeeze him in barring a massive discount or trimming salary from the roster, but that's the rumor. 

Morrow does have experience with both Ken Hitchcock and Doug Armstrong when the three men were working in Dallas. Morrow spent a little over 12 years with the Dallas Stars before being shipped to Pittsburgh during the 2012-13 season. 


Stay tuned.