Report: Columbus talking to Blues about David Perron

Aaron Portzline reports that the Columbus Blue Jackets have had trade talks with the St. Louis Blues involving David Perron. While this report holds a lot more water than your usual trade rumor, several aspects of this report remain unclear. It's not clear what piece(s) Columbus would use to acquire Perron and it's unclear just how serious these talks have been.

At the very least we now know at least one team is exploring a potential trade involving Perron. 

It's safe to assume the Blues have had several talks with several teams about several different players. The Perron / Columbus connection is just one we've been told about. There's likely dozens of other conversations which have taken place over the past few days and weeks that we'll never have a chance to discuss because the news is kept private. 

With that being said, let's look at the actual report. As with any trade talk, information is limited. We know Columbus has at least expressed some interest in Perron, but we don't know what they'd be willing to give up. Columbus' best bargaining chip might be one of their three first-round picks. The Blues don't have a pick in the first round. 

It's almost impossible to evaluate a trade rumor without knowing the return. Blues fans are ready for the club to shake up its core after several unsuccessful seasons, but they aren't willing to give up on a player they've rooted for unless the return answers an immediate problem. Perron for a pick doesn't make too much sense given the Blues' glaring need for help offensively in 2013-14. 

Will a deal take place? Stay tuned.