Photos from the Blues/Ameren Tweet-Up

The Blues and Ameren hosted a Tweet-Up on Wednesday, March 27th At Pi Pizzeria. Fans that attended were able to meet Chris Stewart, Kevin Shattenkirk and Darren Pang all while learning how they can conserve energy and make their homes more energy efficient.

The event kicked off Ameren's Act on Energy initiative which focuses on conserving power. 

I wasn't able to attend the event personally, but I was sent over some photos in the official press release. If you weren't able to make it to the event either, here's what you/we missed. 

Chris Stewart was available to give autographs as well as pose for photos with fans. Stewart is one of few people that can actually pull off that hat. The pose reminds me of the one Cam Janssen would pull out whenever a fan asked for a photo. Stewart isn't exactly known for his fighting, but there really isn't a pose that says "I score goals."

Kevin Shattenkirk waves to one of the tiniest Blues fans while handing out autographs. Start that love for the Blues early!

Darren Pang on the mic, a role he's all too familiar with. Fans use their phones to talk about the event on Twitter. What else would you expect at a Tweet-Up? No word if Pang was able to work in a "Holy Jumpin!" during the night's events.