Peoria Rivermen leaving Peoria

The rumors are true. The Peoria Rivermen are leaving Peoria, as seen in a report from the PJ Star. The Star reports that the St. Louis Blues have contacted the Peoria Civic Center, the current home of the Rivermen, and notified them that they are moving the team after the 2012-13 season. 

The Blues are under contract with the Civic Center for two more seasons, but will pay $90,000 to opt out of the contract early. 

It's believed the Rivermen have been sold to Vancouver. Previously, Vancouver affiliated with the Chicago Wolves but that contract will expire after the 2013 season. It's thought that Vancouver will take the Rivermen while the Blues will become the new NHL club behind the Chicago Wolves. 

Though the Blues would align with a new team, they would not suddenly control new players. The players currently on the Wolves would play wherever Vancovuer decides to locate the Rivermen while the current Rivermen would go on to play as Wolves. Kind of confusing, right?

This story will be updated as new information is released.