Jordan Binnington’s mask features the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

St. Louis Blues prospect Jordan Binnington might have the best goalie mask in all of hockey. Binnington's mask features Will Smith as he appeared in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Good luck topping that, goaltenders of the AHL and NHL. 

Why the ode to the Fresh Prince? Why not? Binnington told InGoal Magazine that Fresh Prince is one of his favorite shows and he finds Will Smith inspirational. 

He told InGoal Magazine:

Outside of the TV show, from what I see he is a self-driven individual who knows what he wants in life. I couldn’t name one movie I haven’t enjoyed with him in it. Every movie or show has a purpose. The tv show is so creative, I’m laughing out loud every episode. So to sum it all up I just feel we’d be best friends.

Binnington's answer might be as good as his mask. He sounds a little bit like Mac from It's Always Sunny.

The other side of Binnington's mask represents his team, the Chicago Wolves.