GIF: Tomas Fleischmann tries to elbow T.J. Oshie in the head

The St. Louis Blues dominated the Florida Panthers on Saturday night by a score of 7-0. When the game was safely out of reach, the Panthers started showing their frustration. Tomas Fleischmann was caught trying to hit T.J. Oshie in the head with his elbow. Thankfully the hit missed, but it's safe to say the intent was there and if it would have connected we'd be hearing about a fine or a suspension from the Department of Player Safety. 

Fleischmann's flying elbow was captured perfectly in this GIF found over on the St. Louis Blues subreddit. There's really no need for this type of play in hockey. You're losing big and you're frustrated. That's understandable. However, at no time should you be trying to clock an unsuspecting player in the head with your arm.