David Backes went back to 3rd grade

You might recall that Verizon was running a contest where one lucky student between the grades of kindergarten and 8th would have the chance to bring David Backes to school for Show & Tell. On April 15th, Backes went back to school, joining third-grader Madison Gnade (left) of St. Paul's Catholic School in Fenton for a day she and her classmates will never forget. 

It's safe to say that this nine-year-old student was the most popular in school as Backes met with her before signing autographs and speaking with her class. He then spoke in the school's gym, addressing a ton of students dressed in their best Blues gear. 

The day also included a limo ride with Backes along with some autographed memorabilia. Backes could have at least helped carry her backpack! It would've looked great on him.