Blues will play preseason games against Minnesota, Tampa Bay

UPDATE: The Blues have released their schedule. They will play in six preseason games, two against Dallas, two against Tampa Bay and two against Minnesota. The full schedule can be found here


The St. Louis Blues haven't officially released their preseason schedule for the 2013-14 season. However, several teams have released their schedule, offering a preview of what's to come for the Blues prior to the regular season. 

Here's what we know: St. Louis will play in two preseason games against the Minnesota Wild and two preseason games against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

September 18th: Blues will take on the Lightning at the Amway Center in Orlando.
September 20th: Lightning will travel to St. Louis.
September 25th: Blues will travel to Minnesota to take on the Wild in an exhibition game. 
September 27th: The Wild travel to St. Louis. 

These four games have been confirmed by both the Wild and the Lightning. The Blues should have two other preseason games on their schedule, but it's unclear who those will be against at this time. Based on the traditional format, one will be played at the Scottrade Center and one will be played at the opponent's house.