Blues unveil second commercial with Joe Buck

The Blues have unveiled their second commercial of the year on their Facebook page. Their second ad is pretty similar to their first and again features the voice of Joe Buck as the narrator. The ad, titled "Team", highlights the fact players come to St. Louis to work and electrify the crowd. They represent not just a team, but a town.

Time to be blunt. Last year's Long Live the Note campaign was a huge success. This year's version? Not so much. 

This particular ad is just a bit too loaded with cliches to stomach. Then there's the choice of narrator. I personally don't mind Joe Buck as an announcer, but here his voice just doesn't quite fit the tone of the ad. This commercial needs a deeper, more passionate voice. The first name which pops to mind is Jon Hamm, but I'm sure you could go several other directions with just as successful results. 

On a completely unrelated note, can we discuss just how unimpressive the St. Louis dressing room is? As you've probably seen in pictures and you can see in the video above, the locker room isn't very special. When you compare it to some of the other rooms around the league, Scottrade's just looks dated. To be fair, it is, but you have to wonder if an upgrade is in the team's plans.