Blues post record TV ratings in October

The St. Louis Blues have been off to a strong start on the ice, but unfortunately their impressive record hasn't translated into strong attendance. In the month of October, the Blues had seven home games and drew an average of 16,743 (87.4% capacity) fans a night. It's been easy to blame the St. Louis Cardinals and their World Series run for the team's relatively disappointing attendance.

Did the Cardinals produce low TV ratings for the Blues as well? Surprisingly, no. In fact (and as the title of this article told you) the Blues posted their highest ever ratings on Fox Sports Midwest for the month of October despite the fact two of their games aired at the same time as two Cardinals games.

The Blues averaged a 3.5 TV rating on FSMW in October. The previous high for the Blues in the month of October was 3.1 set in 1997. This means that the Blues were on in an average of 44,000 homes each game – a number which is especially impressive when you factor in the games which were directly against MLB postseason.

These numbers should bode well for any attendance concerns. Interest in the team is definitely there as the figures show, but it's highly likely that St. Louis wallets were stretched thin considering how expensive MLB playoff tickets run. Attendance should improve and ratings should hold steady or improve throughout the remainder of the year. 

Here's to hoping the Blues continue to set television ratings throughout the rest of the year. 

(H/T St. Louis Business Journal)