Blues players were against hybrid icing

Hybrid icing will be used during the 2013-14 season. The rule change was officially approved on Monday just in time for the season openers taking place around the league this week. Though the NHLPA ended up passing the motion, numerous players weren't in favor. According to Darren Pang, the St. Louis Blues voted against hybrid icing by a very large margin.

Interesting. Other reports have surfaced from around the league indicating there was a sizable group against hybrid icing. While we don't have any official numbers on how the voting went, it's clear this was a divisive issue and in some cities (like St. Louis) the majority was against the rule which ended up passing. 

Keep this story in mind as we start the new year. It's safe to say that while hybrid icing has its benefits, players are concerned about giving the officials yet another judgment call to make. You'll see some very angry reactions from the players who voted against the rule should an official blow a call (oh that'll never happen!) during a high-pressure situation.