Blues fans weigh in on Tarasenko disrupting the 4th line

If you've been on Twitter at all since Game 3 then you're probably aware of the Vladimir Tarasenko vs. the 4th line debate. After the Blues failed to light the lamp in Game 3, it was rumored that Tarasenko would be suiting up for Game 4. The question that lingered revolved around figuring out which player would sit out in order for #91 to make his debut. 

After the team's practice on Monday morning, it became clear that Tarasenko would take the place of Adam Cracknell. Jeremy Rutherford confirmed as much, stating Tarasenko would start on the fourth line next to Chris Porter and Ryan Reaves, but he might see time on other lines as the game unfolds. 

With this information in mind, I took to Twitter and asked fans what they thought of tinkering with the fourth line in favor of Tarasenko joining the active lineup. Opinions varied slightly, but everyone seemed to agree that Tarasenko playing is the right decision. 

Thanks for all the responses!

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