Blues fans celebrate Christmas

Blues fans know how to celebrate Christmas. The Holiday season is usually filled with jerseys, apparel and other merchandise as fans turn the traditionally red and green season to a brilliant shade of blue. The 2013 edition was no different, as numerous fans Tweeted photos of their new loot. Thanks to everyone who sent a photo my way! If you still want to share your Blues present, you can attach a photo in a comment.

Prepare to be jealous! 

That jacket is awesome.


I'm not sure if that's a sweater or a sweatshirt designed to look like a sweater, but that's a nice retro spin on the modern logo. 


No apology needed!



Some fans celebrated in different parts of the country. 

Finally, here's a haul which is sure to make any fan jealous:



Sadly, not all Blues fans were able to join in on the fun…