Blues commercial features the voice of Joe Buck

The Blues have released their first commercial for the 2013-14 season. The spot features the voice of Joe Buck and it details the characteristics and the ultimate goal of the 2013-14 squad. 

It's nice to see the Blues stick with the highly successful "Long Live the Note" slogan. It's roughly 1000 times better than the brief "Don't Stop Believing" slogan from a couple years ago. 

What do you think of this ad? Does it get you excited for Blues hockey? I'm on the fence. This ad isn't as memorable as any of the ones the team deployed last year. We saw the organization really focus on the history of the franchise last season, but this time around the attention is focused entirely on the present. No harm there, but something is missing. Maybe it's Buck's delivery or maybe it has to do with the fact the expressions used are all pretty tired clichés. It's a nice spot, but it doesn't quite live up to the outstanding commercials from 2012-13.