Armstrong: “Nothing to report” about Pietrangelo negotations

Is no news good news? Blues fans better hope so in the case of Alex Pietrangelo. A report from the Post-Dispatch offers an update on the current negotiations between the Blues and Pietrangelo. Don't get too excited. The update here is that there is no update. 

Yes, it's time to talk about the fact there's nothing to talk about in the Pietrangelo contract saga. 

In regards to contract negotiations, no news usually is good news. If you see both sides complaining about how things are progressing, odds are negotiations aren't going too well. If both sides are staying relatively quiet, odds are we're close to seeing a deal. 

The Post-Dispatch article features some quotes from Doug Armstrong. These quotes don't reveal much, but they do provide some insight on the situation Blues fans are closely monitoring. Armstrong said:

"There’s really nothing to report. My belief is that it’s better to stay quiet until we have a conclusion to it and we’re not there now."

Armstrong went on to say that he's not worried about how things are progressing and notes that there's still plenty of time (six weeks) until training camp. 

How far apart are the two sides? That's difficult to say. The report from the Post-Dispatch believes Pietrangelo's side wants $7 million or more a season while the Blues aren't willing to go above $6 million a season. There's no report on length, but there are differing views on whether or not the Blues are willing to approach the eight-year maximum many believe Pietrangelo is looking for. 

Then there's the dreaded words no Blues fan wants to hear: offer sheet. There's always the chance someone submits an offer sheet and makes things interesting. Armstrong has said in the past that he will match any offer sheet thrown Pietrangelo's way. 

Stay tuned.