Alexander Steen lands on the IR with a concussion

News finally emerged about Alexander Steen on Saturday morning and it's not what we all wanted to hear. The forward has been placed on the IR with a concussion and is out "indefinitely" according to the Blues. It's believed that Steen's concussion was the result of a couple different hits and not one individual blow to the head. 

There's currently no timetable for Steen's return.

While we can't really pinpoint Steen's concussion to one specific hit, it's clear the forward has taken some vicious blows to the head over the course of the last couple weeks. It's worth noting none of these hits received any discipline from the NHL, though at least one (Douglas Murray's) probably should have.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this story is the word we've all grown to hate: Indefinitely. Concussions are nasty injuries and each player handles them differently. One guy might be back in a few days while another takes months. 

Let's hope Steen has a speedy recovery.