NHL Officiating Hits a New Low

NHL Officiating Hits a New Low

Do not watch the video above if you’re a fan of the St. Louis Blues or a fan of the game of hockey as it’s meant to be played. This hit from David Backes on Kent Huskins was deemed to have struck Huskins in his head. What? Exactly where on the body is the head located again? The major penalty call on Backes culminated a night that saw 12 penalties handed out, most called on nonsensical, ordinary plays.

The NHL has a problem with its officiating – again. However, it seems as if the officiating is even worse than it was prior to the lockout. The league has tried to cut down on interference, but the officiating crews are taking that message far too seriously and calling penalties on nearly every tight play in the corner.

This is not how hockey is meant to be played. The first period between Detroit and St. Louis was nearly impossible to watch. Stop, start, stop, start, stop. Seven penalties were called on the two teams, few of which actually needed to be called. As soon as any momentum was developing in five-on-five play, the officials halted play with another highly debatable call. The calls were awful for both teams. I may point to the Backes call as the very worst of the night, but I can admit that the Blues had some power plays they never should have had.

The groups that claim the NHL is a joke of a league were served a huge pile of evidence supporting their argument. How can anyone take a league seriously that features officiating this poor?