Video: Tarasenko Amazes Again with Fifth Goal of the Year

Tarasenko Amazes Again with Fifth Goal of the Year

Vladimir “Frank” Tarasenko is fitting in pretty well, isn’t he? In just his seventh NHL game, Tarasenko notched his fifth goal of his young career. As with his other goals, this one was pretty impressive – more so for his move prior to shooting than the actual shot itself.

James Wisniewski probably won’t want to watch the replay of this one. He leaned in for a check as Tarasenko collected the puck only to come up empty, staring at a patch of empty ice. Meanwhile, Tarasenko’s sharp cut created plenty of space for him to take a shot as he lost his balance. The shot wasn’t his best – a fluttering one that somehow found twine – but any shot that finds the back of the net is a good one in my book.

Should Sergei Bobrovsky have stopped this puck? Probably, but you can’t take anything away from the nifty move that made this goal possible.