A David Backes Photo to Prepare You for Hockey

A David Backes Photo to Prepare You for Hockey


St. Louis Blues hockey is right around the corner. What better way to prepare yourself for the 48-game season than a picture of everyone’s favorite David Backes? Of course, this isn’t any normal photo of Backes. No, it’s a fantastic rendition of him as Captain America.

A big thanks to Evil Shero on Twitter for this awesome, and literal, depiction of Backes as Captain America. While he claims to be a Penguins fan, it’s nice to see him admit he’s really just a closeted Blues fan.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Captain America nickname, think back to 2010 when Backes attempted to fight each member of Team Canada just before the Olympic break. His efforts were mostly successful, especially when he encountered Jonathan Toews and punched him so hard he vomited in the penalty box – twice.