No Worries – Tarasenko Returning to St. Louis

No Worries – Tarasenko Returning to St. Louis


If you’re caught up on your hockey news then you’re aware that there’s plenty of turmoil over a couple players and whether or not they will return to the NHL now that the lockout is over. Lubomir Visnosky has already stated he will remain in the KHL, testing the agreement in place between the NHL and KHL that states a player is not allowed to play in KHL games once the work stoppage ends. Fears have risen that other NHL players that fled to the KHL may make similar decisions. Fear not. Vladimir Tarasenko is returning to St. Louis.

Put your fears to rest. Arguably the most exciting prospect the St. Louis Blues have had in quite some time is returning to the NHL to skate with the Blues. No need to speculate further, that’s the truth of the matter. Other teams might have to speculate over a certain player’s future (Isles with Visnovsky, Devils with Kovalchuk) but the Blues aren’t one of those teams.

Tarasenko will return as scheduled. When he first arrived in St. Louis prior to this whole lockout mess, he stated how excited he was not only to play in the NHL but to be playing in St. Louis. While these statements are the type you’d expect from a new player, Tarasenko’s intent seemed genuine.