Blues Owner Tom Stillman Apologizes to Fans

Blues Owner Tom Stillman Apologizes to Fans

Tom Stillman
The lockout is over. As the league and players go through the formal process of installing the new CBA, preparing a schedule and resuming training for the upcoming shortened season, the attention for those involved shifts from bargaining to damage control. St. Louis Blues owner Tom Stillman released a statement that can be found on the team’s site where he apologized to the fans and emphasizes his commitment to the team.

If other owners released this sort of statement it might be brushed aside as a blatant attempt at bringing back the fans and a rather weak attempt at PR.

From Tom Stillman, the release seems a bit more genuine. You have to feel sorry for him. He purchased the team and boom – lockout. He sank a boatload of his own and his investor’s money into the team and the league quickly closed down the whole operation. He has stressed his commitment to the team in the past and does so again in the release. Again, it all feels genuine.

He asks for continued support. This request could, and should, be met with mixed reactions. Some fans will flock back and plunk down their money as soon as possible. Others, myself included, will follow and watch the team but will struggle to convince themselves to support the squad financially until time heals the current wounds.