St. Louis Blues in Good Shape Following the Lockout

Blues in Good Shape Following the Lockout

The lockout is over. We can finally start talking about what takes place on the ice as opposed to what takes place in cramped meeting rooms. Teams will have to scramble to get things ready for when games resume, both in terms of logistics in the arena as well as when it comes to player contracts. Give the Blues and their front office credit – the club is in good shape following the lockout.

I won’t pretend that I know the team’s finances. I don’t. However, I can make an educated guess that the Blues are one of the teams that needed games to be played more than most. We’ve heard in the past that the Blues essentially must make the playoffs in order for the club to turn a profit.

Finances aside, the Blues appear to be in pretty good shape following the lockout. They have an owner, Tom Stillman and his group, which purchased the team at probably the worst time possible considering they haven’t seen any revenue in quite some time. For the first time in quite some time there’s a stable owner that not only has roots in St. Louis but also has a clear love for the team and city.

As for contracts, you can thank GM Doug Armstrong for not only making the Blues competitive but also for not breaking the bank. If you scan the club’s list of contracts over at Cap Geek, you’ll find a competitive yet affordable roster. While other teams concern themselves over contracts they want to buy out or contracts that they’d rather have back, the Blues are loaded with contracts that make sense. Nothing foolish. Nothing shortsighted.

Fans. The fans will return. It might take a bit of time but once the Blues are back on the ice the fans will follow. The Blues have turned the page and are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NHL. It’s doubtful that passionate fans that followed the team last year will suddenly abandon the roster they grew to love. Casual fans are a different story. Some are gone for good and that’s a point we’ll have to accept. However, the Cardinals and Rams aren’t playing right now. The passionate fans will be whipped into a frenzy when the Blues return. It’s safe to assume some casual fans will fall right in line behind them.

Give credit where it’s due. The Blues, especially Doug Armstrong, have designed a team that should have no trouble getting back to action without any major questions or concerns.