Rare Sight: T.J. Oshie Drops the Gloves

Rare Sight: T.J. Oshie Drops the Gloves

T.J. Oshie doesn’t fight very often. In fact, Oshie’s fight against Tommy Wingels in the team’s game against San Jose on Feb. 19th was just his second NHL scrap. After watching the fight above, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t something Oshie does very often … and that’s a good thing.

Some players just shouldn’t drop the gloves. It’s also safe to say that the Oshie/Wingels fight won’t be considered one of the year’s best.

It’s nice to see some intensity from Oshie, but he’s one of those players that’s better off helping pump up his team through a big hit or a nifty pass, not from trying to throw punches.

On the bright side, at least Oshie’s fight against Wingels went a bit better than his scrap against Ryan Wilson from back in 2011. That one was pretty tough to watch.